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Mayan Defence: A Mobile Game - Game Audio

Aktualisiert: 22. Juli 2021

Destroy all the stones. But avoid the Mayan temple's defensive shields.

The game is a reaction game for android devices. The goal is to touch the touchscreen at the right moment and shoot the stones through the gap of the defensive shields. The project was created together with andreas hauber, the developer of this game. I did the audio part and produced the sounds and background music. I also made the trailer.

There are some hidden sound-technical tricks that have been applied to provide a higher gaming experience. It was important to get a lot of sound-technical variations in the destruction of the stones. Therefore the sounds were divided into three sections and combined differently in the engine (s. SoundCue: Stones). In addition, the pitch of these sounds is increased when the stones are shot in rapid succession.

SoundCue: Stones

Since the game should have a magical crystal sound, I decided to record a lot of broken glass. These were then modulated with sound synthesis in the DAW. You can hear them in many events in the menu as well as in the gameplay. To represent the swinging of the pendulum in terms of sound, a noise was attached to the pendulum, which is faded in and out with the attenuation curve.

With the reduction of the tower, the music also changes, as individual bongos in the background music become louder. In addition, the background music is divided into four sections, which are played randomly in order. This is to provide more variation.

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