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My Journey with AIDA as Crew Member

Aktualisiert: 25. Juli 2021

AIDAnova was my first time on a cruises ship. It is the biggest of the company and have a length of 337 meters. 5.200 guests and 1.500 Crew members can live on the ship. This is very impressive and a huge challenge for the complete crew department. It´s unbelievable: A small town on the sea. The ship has two routes, for each 6 months. My location in my employment was the Mediterranean Sea with the ports Palma, La Spezia, Civitavecchia, Marseille, Barcelona.

I came for the entertainment department as sound technician. My journey began at the airport Duesseldorf. From there I flew to Palma and had a overnight in a hotel. After the port control, goes everyone to the crew purser. Here we get your crew member card and information's about the next safety introductions about the ship.

I met Mike, the sound technician from the TV Studio (STUDIO X). He is really friendly and gave me an overview of the ship. My cabin was in opposite very small and I shared with a cabin neighbor for the next six weeks. This situation is not for everyone, but you can organized many space, when you use every storage. For the next two weeks I accompany Mike in Studio X. He show me the technical background and how are the processes of the Shows. Between the working times, we ate in once of the two crew mess. After the work, I was most of the time in the crew bar or crew deck and visit the other crew members. The crew deck is on deck 19 and very great with bar, pool and deckchairs. In the crew bar we had the possibility to play kicker or board games. I meet many people from another departments and cultures in this time. After the two weeks I change the venue and goes to the Theatrium. Fabio, the first sound operator explain me the technical process for the FOH. In comparsion to the studio, the theater had additional a stage technician and control all the stage elements. In my last two weeks I had the chance to take over the RockBox. In this Bar played the Rockband Night train and give a great show. Summary I can say, on Nova I had the possibility to learned so much new stuff about event technology. And more than this, I meet great colleagues with different and interesting backgrounds.

My experience about AIDAaura take place in the second part..

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